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Green-POD Triangle

green-POD – is the new way to protect and grow healthy seedlings 

  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • green-POD does not have plastic coatings so it protects the surrounding environment
  • Life expectancy of 18 months+, recycled paper breaks down during growth of seedling  
  • Simple to install
  • green-POD’s natural colour reduces the visual impact on the environment
  • Guard shields seedling from intense heat and weather fluctuations 
  • Protects from browsing animals and herbicide spray
  • Convenient built-in weedmat to improve plant survival and growth
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green-POD Triangle
Dimensions450mm tall x 200mm sides
WeedmatBuilt in
Staking2 x 75cm bamboos or
1 x 75cm hardwood plus 1 x 75cm bamboo
Pack Qty25 guards