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Safelox Hi-Vis Tubes revolutionises safety fence installation. It’s patented design slides over the mesh and picket, clamping tight for a stronger, longer lasting fence. 

Safelox lets you get on with the job, it’s proven to significantly cut installation and maintenance time, saving money and improving productivity.

Why use Safelox?

  • Is labour saving, 4x faster to install and remove
  • Best practice for a compliant worksite
  • Covers the picket and top for worker/public safety
  • Star pickets with a Safelox are reflectorised for visibility
  • Safelox tubes are reusable and cost effective
  • No bending to install or remove for OH&S
  • Reduces maintenance and material costs
  • Create entry points for vehicle or worker access

For use on star pickets – 1300mm, 1500mm or 1650mm.

Carton of 20