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Siltlox tube is the new way to install silt fence. HOLDS TIGHT. STOPS SILT

Worksites aren’t compliant when silt fence is torn, falling down and sediment flows off site. Siltlox changes this. It clamps the silt fence tight, from top to bottom, and covers the picket top.

Siltlox tube installs silt fence fast. There’s no bending, no nails, no staples, so the back breaking work has gone. Make your site environmentally and OH&S compliant with Siltlox.

Why use Siltlox?

  • Fast and easy to make worksites compliant
  • Siltlox and pickets are reusable and cost effective
  • Labour saving, quick to install and remove, no need for staples or nails or multiple cable ties
  • No bending to install or remove for OH&S
  • Covers the picket and top for worker/public safety
  • Standardised procedure for fence installation
  • Create access gates in fence
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance costs
  • Join sections of mesh and strings bunting/wire
  • Box of 40