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The original Vine Guard

The mini greenhouse for vines!

Invented in 1995 and sold worldwide, SnapMax saves growers time and money, whilst maximising vine growth for earlier returns.

Ask for it by name – SnapMax!.


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SnapMax benefits

SnapMax is supplied pre-assembled so installation takes just seconds.

  • Protects vine from vermin & herbicides
  • SnapMax provides better faster growth, straight to the wire
  • Improved growth rates for earlier returns
  • SnapMax trains vine straight to the wire 
  • Built in adjustability for ground/wire variation + 60mm, a fit perfectly every time 
  • Growing tip protective ‘U’ saddle at top
  • Micro ventilation for vine health
  • Translucent for drive-by vine inspection
  • Durable tear resistant UV stabilised PE
  • SnapMax is super-fast to install
  • Reusable year after year

SnapMax Related Products

SnapMax also has handy added products that you can purchase separately.


Add the WeedMat to suppress weeds


Add the SnapHook strap to xxxxxx,

“ Relying on SnapMax for many years, CMV Farms planted an extra 120,000 vines using the SnapMax 1100mm vineguards. e have been using SnapMax for the last 5 years. We have tried other guards but havnt had the success that we do with SnapMax – they out-performed the other guards.

Phil Reilly, Vineyard Manager, CMV Farms